tools of the trade

1/500, f/11, 50mm, 400, ilford hp5+

the tools i carry around with me when doing film photography: my light meter, my orange filter, and my notebook (i use the notebook to keep a record of my settings for every shot). a pen, the lens cap and the pouch for the light meter round out the stuff i’d piled on this wall to take a shot. when i looked over, i thought i’d just shoot this pile of kit.

surprising result

1/1000, f/16, 50mm, 400, ilford hp5+, orange filter 002

i have to say, i wasn’t expecting this.

i took a photo of this skeletal tree against an empty blue sky. and knowing the sky wasn’t that interesting, i opted to shoot through the orange filter to darken it, but i didn’t compensate for the two stops of the orange filter.

my past experience with shots like this with 400-speed film made me guess the image wasn’t really going to turn out; but i was surprised with the result.

signs of spring

1/250, f/16, 50mm, 400, ilford hp5+, orange filter 002

i’ve been eagerly awaiting signs of spring. some of you luckier types have had blossoms on trees already; but by the second weekend in april, i’ve only seen the slightest signs of spring.

at the xeriscape demonstration gardens a couple of weeks previously i saw crocuses. they weren’t there long — a week, maybe (is that usual? i don’t know anything about crocuses).

anyway, those small signs of spring have me excited: warmer weather’s coming. i think this is a daffodil.

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